March 6, 2021

Importance of social etiquette and manner

Importance of social etiquette and manner

Humans are social animals and we love to be respected, but do we give respect? We will discuss more. Since we all live in a society and with other people around us, be it at home, the office, and other places, we as human beings have created some basic rules of etiquette and manners that we all adhere to. We are all taught manners during our preschool days. From using a tissue to sneeze to thanking after receiving something. But as we get older we tend to ignore a lot of social labels when we go out and that makes things strange for others.

“No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells it all.”

people often argue that etiquette no longer matters and that the rules of good conduct are old-fashioned and outdated. However, a good demeanor and good manners never go out of fashion. Without etiquette, members of society would show far an extravagant amount of impatience and deride for one another, which would lead to insults, disrespect, and a rash of other lamentable incidents.

You know the old saying, “Treat others as you would like to be treated by others.”Your manners are your reflection and people judge you based on your reflection, which best describes your behavior.

Importance of Etiquette & Manner

Proper etiquette requires that you make others feel comfortable and protect your feelings. It does not point out someone’s mistakes or draw attention to those mistakes. it actually improves communication by breaking down barriers, not erecting them. And etiquette plays an important role here, how do you speak, respect your elders, love your younger ones, choosing your words, and maintaining decorum show how good you are and your education? So if you say that etiquette and manners are one of the most important aspects of your life, then it can’t be wrong.

However, there are some social rules that must be adhered to in order to create a pleasant environment for someone you meet or interact with. And here we are talking about some tips to help you maintain good manners and etiquette.

1. Deliver on time as promised

We all face difficult situations in our life at any given time. and to overcome this situation we need the help of our family or friends. for example, When you borrow money from your friend, pay it back on time. Your friend doesn’t grow money on trees. He helped you just because he wanted you to get out of the bad situation. Respect, be empathetic, and show appreciation for having such a friend and he returns the money on time. It becomes quite bad for a person to constantly ask for money from him, that is also when they urgently need it themselves.

2. Do not Show-Off

Don’t make unnecessary bragging. Nobody cares to know if you bought a new Rolex or if your new Mercedes has all the features that no other car offers. Bragging is an insult and it also points out that people who don’t have much to brag about tend to brag. There are always people who are richer than you, so why the show-off?

“The better you feel about yourself, the less you feel the need to show off .” – Robert Hand

3. Be respectful

Treat everyone with the same respect, from the janitor to your office manager. Everyone is doing their job and no one should be treated less for the type of work they are doing. Ridiculing people on the basis of their financial situation or the position they occupy makes you very rude and superficial.

4. Respect privacy

Never talk about personal finances or money of any kind if they don’t ask you. It is a personal and private matter and arguing, meddling is often rude and in bad taste. Never make someone else feel inadequate about themselves. Be friendly, courteous, and welcoming. Do not check anyone’s mobile phone or read any notifications or review photos, it is a very unpleasant act. respect the privacy of others.

5. Avoid unnecessary political discussion

When dining out with people, avoid political discussions at the table. Political discussions usually take a nasty turn and make others uncomfortable.

“Never argue at the dinner table, for the one who is not hungry always gets the best of the argument.” – Richard Whately

6. follow Phone Etiquette

If you’re calling someone who you think might be in the office, meeting, or busy somewhere, first ask by text if he can take your call and then call. If you don’t know the person you are calling, always do so. If someone is disconnecting your calls, just leave a message. Don’t call them over and over. Similarly, if you are disconnecting the phone call, text them your situation and give them a call as soon as you are out of it.

7. Say thank you and say hello with a smile

When someone offers something, say thank you or no thank you. When someone looks at you and smiles, be polite enough to smile back. Be kind to people, especially pregnant women, the elderly, and the physically disabled.

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” – William A. Ward

8. Choose your words wisely

Choose your words wisely and don’t be too quick to comment on things you don’t know much about. Often times being a good listener is better than speaking. because you don’t need to have an opinion on everything.

9. Give respect, earn respect

Speak respectfully towards others. You can do this by avoiding negative comments that may insult another person. The general rule of thumb is: if you don’t want someone to talk about you that way, don’t talk about them to others.

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10. Take care of your business

We must take care of our own affairs. that is, you should not get involved in other people’s affairs until they need you. you should not give your opinion on the choice, style, or work of others. it only brings disrespect for you. Be a gentleman and offer help if someone asks.


Etiquette and manners are practice and it starts from home. people often adapt and learn what they see around them. While it is important to have good manners and good behavior, it is not necessary that you can be perfect after reading the key points, it takes time and continuous practice to achieve permanent changes in you.

Remember, that list to perform good manners and manners is very long. You can include categories like how you should follow etiquette in the office and workplace, how you should behave while using public transportation or at the airport, the list is long. From a proper handshake to eye contact, apologizing when you’ve made a mistake, opening the door for the woman, offering a seat to the older ones, or mentoring the younger ones, these practices make you a gentleman and a mature person. good luck and be nice.

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