November 6, 2020

How to Get rid of procrastination and Laziness?

How to Get rid of procrastination and Laziness?
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Procrastination is a lazy man’s apology.” – Chinua Achebe

One of the biggest obstacles on the road to success is procrastination and laziness. Many studies suggest that people are unable to use their full potential because it is difficult for them to keep up with the task they are doing and start procrastinating. When you adopt a lethargic attitude, your brain finds and throws you many reasons not to perform a task and if you endorse them, you ultimately fall into the trap.

There are many reasons why you may find that people did not get what they wanted due to a lethargic attitude. We are discussing here some reasons why you do not keep up with the given task or do not complete your goal and how to avoid them.

set an organic goal

Procrastination occurs when you don’t set a goal or set a goal that is not tangible. When we say organic goals, that means you have to analyze where you want to go and you must have set a time frame for it. whether it’s to get a promotion at your current job, get into good physical shape and lose weight, or you want to start something and become an entrepreneur. however, it could be anything else.

our mind begins to find reasons and motivates us to finish a job when you are very focused on your goal. apparently, you challenge yourself to finish the task. Start with a small goal set. When you’re done with small goals, gradually set bigger goals. In other words, don’t lose sight of what your end goal is.

“People are not lazy, They simply have impotent goals. that is.. goals that do not inspire them.” – Tony Robbins

Excuse your Excuses

We have all made excuses at some point in our life. but getting addicted to it is a problem. Don’t make excuses to put off your work or ignore it because you’re too busy doing something else. Don’t let others distract you from what you need to do; Instead, politely decline invitations and tell people you’re busy until you’ve completed what to do for the day.

the best way to deal with excuses or procrastination is to set reminders. When you set the task and add reminders, it helps your brain remember it. You can take the help of your mobile phone and stickers to set reminders, which keep you updated when you even get distracted or forgotten.

If you train your brain to practice and follow discipline, you begin to use a positive method to keep you on task. However, it is also true that if you neglect positive practices, it will also push you to ignore other established tasks. so, train your brain for good practices and start ignoring excuses.

“Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.” – Mason Cooley

Say no to social media & unproductive time

We often don’t realize that as awesome as mobile phones and social media are, they are one of the main reasons we waste such precious time.

Watching videos and checking your Instagram or Twitter account every few minutes is distracting, prevents you from concentrating, and can contribute to unproductiveness. You can set your phone to airplane mode or turn off the volume and put it away so you can’t see it while you’re working. commit yourself that once you get the job done, you’ll turn them back on. Also, avoid looking at social media for a long period, do these activities later, after you are done with your work or studies. Make sure you don’t spend too much of your valuable time on actions that don’t add value to you.

“It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time.” – Alexis Ohanian

Stop overthinking and start doing

Thinking too much can slow down the process of achieving your goal. And delaying any action makes you lazy. excessive thinking makes the task seem huge, overwhelming, and complicated. Thinking too much scares you to act, you start delaying tactics, and you become a procrastinator.

“Overthinking is parasitic. It’s Viral. It’s Deadly, even. letting yourself fall victim to overthinking doesn’t just kill your happiness, it destroys who you are. The mind is a beautiful and complex thing, and the only person who can hurt it is yourself.” – Genereux Philip

Start Exercise Everyday

Exercise is one of the most influential techniques to end laziness. Not only does it form a discipline in you, but it also helps you to be more active and agile. When you start doing physical activity, don’t stop until it becomes a daily routine for you. Get in the habit of exercising daily and you will start to see results.

By sticking to the habit of regular exercise, you force yourself to get rid of the idea that you are lazy. Exercising every day gives you a little edge that helps you in many ways. Make sure you do activities that you enjoy and vary the intensity all the time.

“Physical exercise improves health, mental exercise improves wealth, laziness destroys both.” – Bruce Lee

Get out of your comfort zone

One of the most important aspects is to stop seeking comfort. Laziness born from comfort and comfort can kill your dreams. comfort doesn’t allow to convert your thought into action. People often procrastinate to be in their comfort zone but fail to realize that comfort works like a slow poison. It can make you lazy, fat, less objective, and slow.

You should always prioritize your goals and routines that make you more focused and results-oriented. And avoid the addiction of comfort.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

As a final note, we can say that there are many factors that prevent us from being honest and active. such as lack of confidence, poor communication skills, unproductive habits, and a lethargic approach. Aside from all that, it’s our approach to homework and life goals that determines where you move, but ill will keep you in your comfort zone.

Start actioning on your plan. strictly follow the best habits and practices for the best results without getting lost. And always remember, as said, “A journey of thousand miles begins with ONE STEP.” – Lao Tzu. so, take a step forward and get what you want.

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