March 18, 2021

How to Focus and avoid distractions

How to Focus and avoid distractions

“The Successful Warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” – Bruce Lee

We all know the importance of focus in our life. you can achieve great success if you focus on your goal. it can change your life dramatically. When you focus on your life to improve it, it will eventually start to improve. Life changes when you choose to transform it. You have to start working on the change. The more you focus on life, the better your life will be. But distraction is also a truth, and a distracted mind can be derailed from the path of success. so we are discussing some things that can create a barrier for you to concentrate and how you can avoid them. Before we dive into that, let’s understand the importance of focus in our life.

Importance of focus

The focus can assist you to expand your intelligence and knowledge. after you begin to specialize in learning, your knowledge can eventually expand.  concentration is very important in your life to become extremely productive at work and obtain work done with efficiency.

Imagine yourself riding a horse, but you can’t control it. It does not obey you and walks where it wants, not where you want it to take you. you want the horse to go right but it goes left. when you want it to go left, but it goes right. You want it to slow down or stop, but it starts running. You are helpless, you cannot control it, and you cannot trust it to bring you safely to your destination.

It’s the same when you can’t focus your mind on your work, your tasks, and whatever you’re doing. The mind continues to occupy your attention with irrelevant thoughts, instead of concentrating on your work or tasks.

To get to your destination, you need to be able to control the horse and steer it in the right direction. In the same approach, you need to regulate your attention and direct it to your work, tasks, studies, or goals. this can be extremely the meaning of concentration and focus.

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Distraction in Focus

Today in the internet age, social media and smartphones play the biggest role in distraction to focus. Some examples of distractions are that you keep getting Facebook alerts on your phone. Your friends laugh across the room. The boy at the next table sips his latte noisily. You hear each wheeze, every whisper, laugh, and each communication. Or maybe you are your own distraction. You can’t stop thinking about problems, worrying about relationships, and thinking about unrelated ideas. You are sidetracked by everything, so the center-of-attention is too difficult.

“Your results are the product of either personal focus or personal distractions. The choice is yours.” – John Di Lemme

Where and When to focus

This is so important that you now know the importance of focus and distraction. now comes where and when to be attentive? So let’s take a few scenarios that you need to focus on.

  • When you sit down to listen to a lecture, conversation, or listen to someone, you must focus to listen, understand, and benefit from the speaker’s words.
  • If you are giving a speech yourself and are not focused, you may forget what you wanted to say and not deliver your message clearly and directly.
  • It will take you longer to study or learn a new job, and you could make mistakes and waste time if you can’t focus on work. It would be difficult to understand the work if your mind wanders into irrelevant thoughts.
  • Do you got to bear in mind some vital info, a number or an address? you need to pay close attention, otherwise, you will not remember what you detected or learned.

These are just a few examples, where the focus works like a miracle that saves you in the various situations of your daily life. When you are able to concentrate, things are different. You do not feel that time passes and you may even enjoy what you are doing. You will finish performing any task faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors or no errors. also, as scientifically proven, regular physical exercise and yoga help focus your mind.


Focus can change your life if used correctly. Successful people know the importance of it in life. Your attitude will determine the level of success you achieve. When your focus is aligned with your actions, it will produce excellent results.
In an age of so much knowledge and information all around us, in the form of television, smartphones, and social media, it is a difficult task to keep a mind straight and focused. But remember, the ability to focus attention on the issue at hand and keep it there, without letting it get lost, is the hallmark of successful people.

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