November 19, 2020

How to Be Confident? 10 tips and lessons.

How to be confident?

Confident. This word plays an important role in our life, and our success and failure depend on it. We all have our own traits and approach to taking things, but it is our confidence that adds value and we make sure we get what we want. It is our confidence that sets us apart from the masses. We have no control over our shapes and sizes, but the only thing that we control is the way we think and how well we approach the situation. remember, by this example that, the king of the jungle is the lion, but he is not as big as an elephant, nor tall as a giraffe, nor heavy and protected like a rhinoceros, nor fast like a cheetah, but a quality that makes him the king of the jungle is confidence.

We often find that confidence is a missing ingredient in many people. They want to achieve great achievements, but a lack of confidence does not allow them to open beyond their circle. And the biggest problem they face is that they don’t know how to overcome a lack of confidence and nervousness? here we are discussing the topic with 10 points that definitely help you overcome this and add value to yourself.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

1. Learn From Leaders

if you can see the top successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and athletes. you can notice a few common things, that they all are very articulative and to the point, also they know what they are talking about. Their body language, expressions, hand gesture, and communication with others are often the same. it takes them a lot of hard work and a continuous positive approach to become an achiever and these people have gone through this that reflects in their personality. so what could be better than this to learn from them and shape yourself as they do?

everyone has their own unique way to communicate with others, so don’t copy them but learn how to create your own self to match the level they carry.

“The best way to be successful is to learn from other successful people.” – Martin Dai Nguyen

2. Stop regretting and start loving yourself

We often blame ourselves and start to regret when we fail to do a task, and eventually, our confidence began to sink. One of the real causes that bother us is that we believe that failure is the end of the road, however, this is the first step towards learning and it’s added experience and teaches you to correct mistakes next time.

Don’t feel guilty about your failures. You may feel guilty about your mistakes, but never feel guilty about the things you have tried to your full potential. Every time you fail, you can learn and increase your inner strength. Therefore, each failure can increase your chances of success.

stop regretting and love yourself

3. Stop thinking, What would someone say?

The first step of confidence starts from the moment you don’t care much about what people think, believe, or do. You don’t need to compare yourself to others. You are a human and capable of so many accomplishments.

Stop thinking about failures and don’t worry. Why are you afraid of the stage? Because you think that there are too many people to judge and criticize you, but when you don’t worry about them, your fears will disappear.

“what people will say.” Four words big enough to kill your Dreams. – Kansy

4. Hit The Gym, be in shape

Exercise has many benefits and the most important is that it increases your confidence. Exercise releases those feel-good chemicals, commonly known as endorphins, that give us that positive boost. When you exercise regularly, you will be more focused, energetic, and much more confident in yourself and your abilities. Speaking of physicality, when you work on your confidence, it is very important how you carry yourself.

how to be confident?

5. Get out of your comfort zone

You cannot reach great heights by sitting on your couch and playing video games every day. so how are you going to come out of your comfort zone? When you change your schedule and start practicing the things you are never comfortable with. The best way to develop this sort of confidence is to get uncomfortable, try it every day if possible.

start small, like getting up early, exercising every day, reading motivational and personal development books, practicing to improve your speaking skills. Once you develop confidence and discipline with little things like these, the most important things you want to accomplish in life will seem less overwhelming.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.” – John Assaraf

6. work on your Body language to look confident

body language is our non-verbal communication tool. When used correctly, it can be powerful to give the impression that we want to other people, but more importantly to ourselves, because the position of your body can change the way your mind feels. Some tips for perfect body language are: (a) Keep an open posture. Be relaxed, but do not stoop (b) Avoid touching your face. (c) Maintain good eye contact. (d) Firm handshake.

how to be confident?

7. Always ready to increase your knowledge

Be Knowledge hungry. Knowledge is power. Today it is available easily due to the internet and TV. Being knowledgeable itself makes one feel good about himself. It is good for self-confidence. Get the habit of reading, be it the newspaper, journal, or Books.

when you know that you are updated and well-read, with current affairs and the surroundings, you communicate better and increase your confidence to put your thoughts comfortably.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Ben Franklin

8. Socialize yourself and meet new people

Humans are a social animal. And it is a fact that when you meet and greet new people and share your views, you really develop the skill that helps you feel comfortable and safe in any environment. Curiosity is filled with anticipation and enthusiasm. Develop curiosity to meet people and read their behavior and passion. it certainly helps you in many ways to get to know and communicate better.

You should try to have a soft smile on your face all the time. You should smile at the people you have introduced before and greet the older people as well. And ask everyone for their well-being. This habit will have a positive impact on others.

how to be confident?

9. Think Positive, always

To develop self-confidence, you must have positive thoughts in your mind. And you should avoid negative thoughts. You should never leave your mind free to think of anything. When you allow your mind to receive any desired or unwanted thought, it returns it to your actions. so it is better to stick with good and positive thoughts that will develop better actions and give you self-confidence.

“Positive thinking helps you stand back up again when you are knocked down by bad luck or negativity.” – Tom Laurie

10. Learn to say, NO

Saying NO is the best way to distancing yourself from negativity and negative people. Do not hesitate to say No, when you are not comfortable approving of something that is not good for you and it lowers your confidence.

It’s only by saying “NO“, that you can concentrate on the things that are really important. – Steve Jobs

The confident people in the world are those who have been through the trenches. They have climbed their respective stairs and made their way through life. They were not given the answers, they found their own answers for themselves. And when they speak, you can hear it in their voice. they don’t seek approval from others.

That is why it is so important that if you want to have more confidence in yourself, you choose a path. You must be willing to go on the journey of self-discovery. And you should be open to learning about yourself and face your own fears and insecurities. By doing all the above practices and implementing all the lessons, you will definitely grow confidence.

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