October 13, 2020

10 life lesson quotes from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was not just an actor & a Great martial artist but a motivator who motivates millions by his quotes & life lessons. He came from a humble background and made it big in his short life & cinema in spite of facing racism initially when he started into Hollywood movies. He worked hard with sheer sincerity. His thought-provoking quotes are still relevant even today. Bruce Lee will remain a source of inspiration for millions in the world. Here we have picked his 10 motivational quotes in pictures.

bruce lee quotes
1. Overthinking cause the delay in achieving goals and ultimately kills the dream.
2. you should always learn from the good things that eventually help to build your personality. never invest your time on something that doesn’t help you grow. pick what is good for you.
3. You can be happy but always crave for more. never settle as satisfaction can stop you from Growing.
4. Having knowledge prepares you to analyze any problem and grow your reach. But it’s your personality and character that gives you respect, so always focus on building your character.
5. As they say, you become what you think. so feed your brain what you want to become and it will help you achieve it.
6. Every problem gives us the opportunity to find solutions. Hard times test your patience, but give us a moment to stand out.
7. We all do mistakes in our life. but to admit your mistake and learn from it makes a difference.
8. Dreams don’t come true just with the acquisition of knowledge, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve them.
9. Circumstances only defeat you when you accept it. even defeat can teach you where you need to improve. When you’re ready to learn and frame your mind so you don’t give up until you do, you will succeed.
10. Comfort is like paralysis. it doesn’t help you grow or kill your dream. You can only be successful if you keep trying and learning. because only that ordeal can give you the strength to face the difficult situation.

Above are some quotes from Bruce Lee’s life lessons that motivate us. It helps to understand that success is not easy, we have to work hard to achieve it.

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source ref.- BruceLee.com

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